Telluride Preferred Card


Don't experience Telluride without it!

Save money in Telluride and support our local businesses!
Get the Telluride Preferred Card and save big on shopping, dining and activities while you're here!

It's easy!
1. Purchase your card
online - pick it up in Telluride or have it mailed to you!
2. Mention and show your card when you book an activity, go out to dinner or shop at a
participating vendor
3. Enjoy the discount - every time you use the card!

The card will instantly pay for itself!

$25 - Butch Cassidy card - valid for 7 days at a time

We recommend purchasing 1 card per billpayer

"...When we paid for the balance of our vacation rental earlier, our booking agent at the rental company told us about the Telluride Preferred Card, which we bought for $20. First time we used it we saved $50 on a snowmobile rental."

- William M
Jacksonville, FL